About Us

Growing up as one of nine children in south Louisiana, our home was the place to be for big family parties, no reason parties, just 'cause parties. Every gathering was an event and if it wasn't, it quickly turned into one.

The heartbeat of all this celebration was my mother, Bernice Marie. Called "B" by everyone who knew her, she was the perfect southern lady. She would captivate a room with her undeniable grace, but was lively and ready for anything that came her way.  B's favorite saying was "Be happy with what you have" and it's from this that the B. Merry brand was born.

The basis of our recipe originated over 30 years ago, and I have worked since then to create the perfect Bloody Mary that is available to you today.

B. Merry is the kind of perfection that happens when premium ingredients are crafted together to build a Bloody Mary bold enough to stand up to vodka and ice, yet flavorful enough to enjoy on its own. B. Merry mix is complete - no extra spices or seasoning needed for world’s finest Bloody Mary! Fresh tasting and full-bodied with just the right touch of spicy sass, one sip and you’ll agree, B. Merry is definitely cause for celebration.

I hope you enjoy our product as much as we do!



Carolyn Winder, Founder