Making the Perfect Bloody Mary

Making the Perfect Bloody Mary


Obviously, as a producer of a bloody mary mix, I have to really LOVE bloody marys.  I've tasted every mix out there and I've made thousands of them from scratch.  Believe me, I've used everything known to be put in a glass with tomato juice, ice and vodka.  After 30 years of tinkering with a proven family recipe, I've bottled a mix that needs nothing more than ice and vodka added.  I usually recommend a garnish because it is fun and "dresses" the drink up a bit.  But believe me, even without it, this recipe will produce the best bloody mary you have ever tasted!

  • 3 Parts B. Merry Mix
  • 1 Part Vodka

Pour, stir & garnish with:

  • celery salt, pickled okra, spiced green bean
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